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ADREKA is a small but mighty independent strategic, creative and production agency that exists to illuminate your brand. ADREKA is passionate about guiding businesses of all sizes to elevate their brands to new heights by telling their unique stories in a way that compels people to stop, engage and act.


We combine an analysis of data with a deep understanding of human behaviour, culture, and media to deliver robust brand and communication strategies that fuel our unique creative and production process.

Our blended expertise of media and creativity means we consider the message just as much as the medium. This ensures your brand shows up in the right places, at the right times and to the right audience to deliver outstanding business results.

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The magic happens when ADREKA'S diverse  superpowers (strategy, creativity, and production) come together all under the one roof. By offering you an end-to-end solution, including brand and communication strategy, creativity, and

state-of-the-art in-house production.

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ADREKA’S best work comes to life when we are fully invested in your business. We pride ourselves on being genuine partners on a brands’ growth journey, because when you grow, we grow.


In our case size doesn’t matter. ADREKA
may be small but our senior and experienced

team have the know-how to have a mighty

impact on your brand and business.

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ADREKA was born out of our teams’ immense
passion for working with the brands we love,
of all sizes, who need big agency thinking,
without the big agency overheads.


Hi there, Thank you so much for contacting the ADREKA team.

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